- A tour designed for guests who are walking challenged

06/15/2015 - San Jose, CA

A new special "Video Access Tour" designed for those who are walking challenged has recently been inaugurated at the Winchester Mystery House, 525 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose.

Because of her unending effort to confuse the spirit world, Sarah Winchester's historic Victorian mansion extends over four acres filled with 40 staircases, 300 steps, and nearly a mile of winding, twisting hallways. While Mrs. Winchester had elevators in her home, they were from the turn of the century and not designed to accommodate today's tours where guests arrive daily from throughout the world.

Sarah Winchester was a great believer in the occult. She was told by a psychic to move west, build a home and as long construction never stopped she would not die. Because of that she kept a staff of carpenters and gardeners busy for almost forty years until her death in 1922, always adding to her strange mansion. Today the home is filled with 160 rooms including staircases to the ceiling, doors that open onto blank walls, secret passageways, and other bizarre phenomena.

Because the size and structure of the mansion can create walking problems, the Winchester Mystery House has created the unique 45 minute "Video Access Tour" which enables guests who are walking challenged to experience the Winchester house and history in a unique and comfortable way.

Tickets are $22 per person and include admission to the Victorian gardens as well as the historic Winchester Firearms Museum. The video is shown daily at 10am and 3pm and tickets can be bought at the ticket counter or online at The "Video Access Tour" is exclusively for walking challenged guests and their escorts.

The mansion is a California Historic State Landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a San Jose City Landmark.

The Winchester Mystery house is open daily, except Christmas, from 9 am.

Additional information may be obtained by calling 408-247-2000 or on their website at

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Stephen King's 2002 thriller "Rose Red" was based on Sarah Winchester's world famous San Jose home.