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The first all-new tour to be offered at Winchester Mystery House in more than 20 years, this exciting new experience takes guests to areas of the house never-before open to the public or which have been off limits for decades. Available only for a limited time, this all-new tour is presented in combination with the Mansion Tour which first provides a historical overview to Sarah Winchester and her incredible house.

Following the Mansion Tour and a brief break, guests embark on the Explore More Tour where they will venture from the very bottom of the grand manor to the rooftops, in-between visiting lonely corridors, dark hideaways and foreboding attic spaces.

This home has the reputation for being haunted. Any spirits that may haunt the mansion no doubt favor the quiet, dim, rooms and areas you will visit on this tour, most of which have been undisturbed for more than a century. If you’re sensitive to the paranormal, the destinations on this tour should be to your liking. On the tour you will gradually make your way deeper and deeper into the mansion’s unfinished, unexplained and, some would say, unsettling spaces.

For safety concerns children 10 and under are not allowed on the Explore More Tour.

Tour Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Prices range from $20.00 to $49.00

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