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Oriental Bedroom

I just found this site and had to write about what we saw last Halloween. We were in grand ballroom and heard a voice say they needed help. When we looked around we didn't see anyboday and then we heard it again. Spooky!
10/31/11, 11:15AM at the Oriental Bedroom by SLOHS

Shortly after the tour had started, I experienced a very uneasy and oppressive feeling, which continued throughout the entire tour. I suddenly felt depressed, yet very light headed at the same time, and a few times I even lost my balance just standing, for no reason whatsever. The energy in there was definitely "heavy" and otherwordly. Right after we had viewed the Oriental bedroom, I felt a soft nudge on my right shoulder, yet nobody within our group had touched me. I don't know if any of my experiences are of paranormal nature, yet I know how strangly I felt during the tour - I felt a lot of sadness - maybe that's the energy Mrs. Winchester left behind in her home - morning the passing of her beloved husband and child...
10/03/11, 5:30PM at the Oriental Bedroom by Swiss Visitor

I has the last person to leave the room and I heard strange voices. I couldn't make out what the were saying, but it was something like "we are not going away." I quickly turned around and saw nothing, but I will try again next year.
12/28/09, 9:00AM at the Oriental Bedroom by Jermaine

I heard strange whispering. I couldn't tell where it was coming from, but it wasn't human. It sounded more like a thousand year old man. Sounded something like: "Go, Go, Go awayyyyyy."
02/04/05, 5:15PM at the Oriental Bedroom

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