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Linen Room

i was walking around the room and i see a mirror, i stop to see it cause there was a pain on my face and at the corner of my eye, i see a ladie staring at me from the door , which i tthought it was a guest but she a dress and her hair was in a bunch...and thats when i realized that it was a ghost of the ....woman that have lived there a long time ago
12/20/10, 12:15AM at the Linen Room by ghostbreath

My husband and I were one of the last people in the room and I had just finished thinking "I wonder if there's any spirits with us in this room." At that moment I felt a strange pressure/sensation on my left shoulder. It felt like an electric shock. My shoulder and whole left arm continued to tingle throughout the rest of the tour. To make things stranger the hotel room we stayed in that night had tiny crosses painted in nail polish over every doorway and window. Creepy.
07/17/10, 7:45PM at the Linen Room by JP

there i was sitting and all of the sudden a cold chill came across me when out of no where a sheet whipped off the shelf and trapped me in its jaws then it released but when i looked up, i was back in my home in kentucky MEOW
03/14/10, 4:30PM at the Linen Room by TheTRANSPORTED

When I walked past the stairs that go no where I heard a whisper: “No exit, no exit, no exit.”
08/09/07, 3:15AM at the Linen Room

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