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Crystal Bedroom

I felt a soft wind blow across my arm and it was cold and i was not even close to like an open area where wind could blow and it just felt like a ghost
12/13/10, 2:00AM at the Crystal Bedroom by Christian Avalos

In a letter written to the staff of the Winchester Mystery House by Mrs. Arlene Bischel of Fresno, California, she wrote of an unusual experience she had while visiting the Winchester Mystery House in 1955. It seems that after viewing several rooms, Mrs. Bischel lost her eyesight. She asked to be taken out of the house but was told there were no exits nearby. Mrs. Bischel was led through the house by her husband until the tour guide could take them out. Once outside, Mrs. Bischel sat on a bench for a few minutes. After several minutes in the sun, Mrs. Bischel regained her eyesight. In 1978, Mrs. Bischel returned to the Winchester Mystery House for a second visit but could not report any strange experiences.
07/29/55, 1:30PM at the Crystal Bedroom by Arlene Bischel

How strange is this???? My name is Crystal and the only place in the entire Winchester Mystery House that I saw a spirit was in the Crystal Bedroom. I not only saw something, but I felt it too.
06/07/09, 2:45AM at the Crystal Bedroom by Crystal

Everywhere I looked in this room I saw a reflection of an unreal object. I never saw a spirit directly, just their reflections. Creepy.
05/13/08, 12:00AM at the Crystal Bedroom by Tanya

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