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Back Porch Steps

i was on the steps then herd someone yell sarah so i said who screamed no one did weird
12/02/11, 12:00AM at the Back Porch Steps

We had just got out of the basement, the rest of our tour were impatient and ran on ahead to the gardens there was just the two of us and the guide...we heard a REALLY loud door slam from some where in the house near by, but didn't hear any tour groups...the guide seemed a little weird-ed out! It was probably the wind...but spooky none the less.
05/31/10, 3:15PM at the Back Porch Steps by NotMe

While on the tour some years ago I looked up the porch steps and I saw a chupacabara. Its had red eyes and fangs.
07/15/08, 1:30AM at the Back Porch Steps by Joshtaos

i saw a ghost coming towards me!! I was so scared.
01/01/10, 12:30PM at the Back Porch Steps by blueghost

I thought I saw a $5 bill on a ledge, so I reached out for it and got this crazy chill. When I looked up, the money was gone. I thought the wind had blown it down, but I couldn't see it anywhere.
01/14/09, 12:45AM at the Back Porch Steps by Billy F.

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