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Front Kitchen

We were wrapping up our flashlight tour, having had a lovely visit, and we came to the final kitchen, walking through to the final room. My friend Charles says "There are so many people who walk through here, there's no spirits left." at that moment, one of the windows on our left hand side (right across from the "Watch Your Step" sign) falls open.
10/13/00, 6:45PM at the Front Kitchen by Chris

I went to the Mystery House with my best friend; we thought it would be a normal tour, hence the word TOUR in the name. We went, expecting a great time, but in the Front Kitchen, my friend felt a hand on her shoulder, I didn't believe until I felt the hand too. We were so scared. WE went again for Halloween, and the same thing happened. I'm never going there again!
10/31/10, 11:45PM at the Front Kitchen by i_c_a_ghost

My family and i were taking the tour back in 1977 summer i believe. The tour guide was walking us around and i kept smelling pea soup or lentil soup cooking in the ktchen.The smellfiled the house and after about a 1/2 hr. i had i finaly asked "what soup is that cooking ?" well the little tour guide turned pale and said "the kitchen hasn't been functunional in years."My mom tried to smell it couldn't the party tried to smell it couldn't no body could smell it BUT i did and have to laugh every time i hear anything about the house they mention the pea soup...hhmmm i wonder if that was me.
04/22/11, 12:00AM at the Front Kitchen by Dan

So, I was with my friends and we were all excited that we were at the house at night. It was about 11:58, we were in the front kitchen, and we were all waiting for something creepy to happen. It turned 12. We were all kinda disappointed, but then I heard my best friend, Joanna, scream, "Wait, ow!". I turned around, and there was a tiny cut above her eyebrow. A little blood was dripping from it, and we all knew that Joanna didn't do it. I will never forget that.
08/10/10, 12:00AM at the Front Kitchen by Bloody Cut

I was in the kitchen messing around with my camera and was suddenly jolted forward. It was such a shock that I dropped my very expensive camera which broke into a million pieces. I immediately turned around and no one was there. I was the last one to enter the kitchen. The tour guide then mentioned it was getting cold in the room and she moved us into the next room. Bottom line, Sarah Winchester owes me a camera or whomever it was!
07/07/08, 3:15PM at the Front Kitchen by Gerry Anne F.

This is where a heard the sounds of banging pots and pans
09/06/07, 12:00AM at the Front Kitchen by Judith

I was taking a tour of the house and when passing a small kitchen saw a small gray-haired lady sitting at a table. After the tour, I inquired as to why we had a tour guide dressed up like Sarah Winchester. She was informed that there wasn’t anyone in costume.
09/11/80, 1:15PM at the Front Kitchen by Sue Sale

While on vacation from Nevada my family and I visited the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. We walked through the house which was absolutely beautiful. When we entered the kitchen the smell of baking filled the air. After our trip around the estate we asked our tour guide if they still used the kitchen in the house. She informed us that it has not been used in 80 years.
08/01/09, 11:30AM at the Front Kitchen by Diane P.

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