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Grand Ballroom

I saw a girl standing there, wearing a black dress and just a second later she disappeared...
10/30/15, 12:00AM at the Grand Ballroom by Susan Rodriquez

While the tour guide was reading aloud the Shakespeare quotes, I heard a woman's voice say in a somewhat annoyed tone, "you're reading it wrong!" After the tour, I told my husband and interestingly enough, he'd had a similar experience. He didn't hear a voice, but had a strong feeling that the quotes were being read wrong.
10/31/14, 10:30PM at the Grand Ballroom by Kelly Serman

Me and my girlfriend where in the grand ballroom exploring the glass window with the writing on it. And she felt a cold breeze across the side of her face she turned around because she thought i touched her. But i was standing on the other side of the room. CREEPY!!
10/31/12, 10:30PM at the Grand Ballroom by Daniel

i was in the room & i seen the statues in one position & when i turned back around to look at them again they was in a diffrent pose than they were before but the freaky thing was that one of them was standing up straight & head bent down looking at me with big eyes!!!! fuking freakky right !!
08/16/11, 3:00AM at the Grand Ballroom by victoriahoeria

I felt a slight jerk like someone pushed on my right shoulder, and my phone froze, the screen turned black, and rebooted itself automatically.
06/17/10, 2:45PM at the Grand Ballroom by funisawayoflife

So, I went with my parents to the Winchester Mansion when I was 16 years old. When we were stopped in the ballroom, I suddenly felt very cold, and I VERY distinctly heard someone say in my ear, "What are you doing here?" It was a womans voice and when I looked over my shoulder, my Mom was there. So...I proceeded to answer her question, "I'm...on the tour like you are Mom." She looked at me confused and asked, "What?" I asked her, "Didn't you just ask me what am I doing here?" She continued to look puzzled and said no. I think Mrs. Winchester may have been the one who asked me that since no one else but my Mom was behind me and she didn't ask me...
04/04/05, 2:00PM at the Grand Ballroom by nilla

While I was trying to read the words written in the tiffany glass, my eyes seemed like they were "vibrating" in my head, and the room started going hazy. It only lasted a few seconds, but it totally wasn't like anything I had ever experienced.
08/11/10, 2:45PM at the Grand Ballroom by tsam

In 2000, watched the chandelier in the grand ballroom swinging back and forth then suddenly stop.
03/25/10, 12:00AM at the Grand Ballroom by noname

I saw an elderly couple dancing. They moved around the dance floor like they owned the ballroom. As soon as the rest of the group entered, they split. The few seconds that I say them were the most excitement I've ever had. It was amazing
12/23/09, 5:00PM at the Grand Ballroom by Jullian

My friends and I, took the Friday the 13th tour in July 2007 as a group of skeptics of paranormal activities or whatever freaky ghost stuff you want to call it. What turned out to be a tour of the Mansion filled with wry, smart alec comments among us, turned into the most freakest experience ever, we where scared "straight"....... It happened in the grand ballroom, upon entering our entire group felt a cold , whats the best way to describe it?, hand? upon the back of all our necks, as if someone ran between the group and slide their hand from one to another to usher us forward to the room. It felt like a strong cold wind with a focused pressure in the area described. Since well all felt it, one after the other, we looked at each other and said "no f'n $@#% waayy", our tour stopped right there.
11/13/07, 10:15PM at the Grand Ballroom by Luis

In the ballroom I saw a couple of spirits dancing. I think they were doing a Waltz. I heard no music and soon after we entered they split.
06/25/06, 2:45AM at the Grand Ballroom by Gayle

It was worth the price of admission to see unreal inhabitants of the Grand Ballroom. They were having a party like it was 1899.
03/15/07, 10:00AM at the Grand Ballroom by John

I thought is was cool that the organ was playing itself, but when I mentioned it to our tour guide, the guide told me the organ doesn't play itself. I thought he was kidding, but he was serious.
10/02/09, 6:00PM at the Grand Ballroom by Greg H.

Claire, our tour guide, stopped our tour when we heard the sound of hammering coming from above the ballroom. She left us for about 5 minutes as she called security on a nearby phone in the house. While she never mentioned that anything was ever wrong, she did say that the room above the ballroom was off limits to all workers and guests of the mansion. Draw your own conclusions but it was loud and constant.
10/12/08, 10:00AM at the Grand Ballroom by BeccaJay125

When I returned home from my visit to the WMH I had many dreams of ghosts dancing in the ballroom. I don’t know exactly what this means, but I plan on returning next year to find out.
04/11/09, 6:30PM at the Grand Ballroom

After visiting the WMH I am a believer that spirits exist.
03/11/09, 3:15AM at the Grand Ballroom

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