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Post 1906 Kitchen

I was pretty sure this was not a human. I eventually saw a shadow which shape-shifted. I looked back and I saw the "figure". And when I blinked it have vanished. My second encounter was my arm felt a squeeze. I looked back and no one was there. Of course it wasn't my sister. When I went in in the first part of the tour. I felt like I couldn't breathe. And my back was aching. Yikes! It's a really nice place to visit but very bizarre.. :)
07/13/12, 12:15AM at the Post 1906 Kitchen by THGFan

My boyfriend and I took the flashlight tour and we were stopped in the kitchen, standing by the French doors, waiting for everybody else to catch up. I glanced down and realized I had almost stepped on a little white dog! I jumped, grabbed my boyfriend and we both looked down. Nothing was there. I didn’t think much of it since I don’t believe in ghosts and decided it must have been something outside. A week later my mom was looking through a Winchester book I had purchased and I noticed the same dog. It was Sarah Winchester’s dog!
01/13/12, 9:30PM at the Post 1906 Kitchen by emily k

I smelled the distinct aroma of burnt toast. The kitchen hasn't even been used in 100 years or so.
10/08/08, 1:00PM at the Post 1906 Kitchen by Rachel

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