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Venetian Dining Room

I entered the room before almost everyone else, so it was just me, my friend, and the tour guide. I shined my flashlight against the wall, and saw the shadow of a short woman in a dress. I turned off the flashlight for a moment, and when I turned it back on, the shadow wasn't there. And there was not a single woman in the room.
10/29/11, 7:45PM at the Venetian Dining Room by creepystalker

It was in the Venetian Dinning room, around dinner time on Friday the 13th that I had my first encounter in the Winchester House. As we entered we heard the most beautiful voice singing. It sounded Italian. (it was the Venetian Dinning Room after all). We could not tell where the music was coming from,l but the guide swore that they never played recorded music in the house. My husband and I both thought it was the most romantic and scary experience we have ever had.
05/13/05, 5:15PM at the Venetian Dining Room by Shelley O

I heard footsteps. Sounded like someone walking with a limp.
11/11/08, 12:00AM at the Venetian Dining Room by Sandra

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