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I took my two daughters (ages 11&8) here today. In the basement, my youngest daughter grabbed my hand and by the way she did, I knew somthing was wrong. "I HEAR A BABY CRYING " I looked down at her and told her that she's hearing things---- then we all heard the little baby cry! 36 year old man-- and I was spooked!
11/19/12, 12:00AM at the Basement by Scottg

I saw a man in white overalls pushing a wheelbarrow full of coal. It was soo creepy. Then a lady fainted during the mansion tour. She said she felt dissy. I did to. I had read that it had happened other times. Best place ever. Defaiantly going again.
10/31/12, 4:30AM at the Basement by Belieber2103

We wemt on the behind the scenes tour when we were told something interesting. A man in white coveralls carrying a wheelbarrow has been seen in the house over 15 times. They show them a picture of the carpenters in the house and everyone points to the same guy. Strange right?
07/25/12, 2:30AM at the Basement by daffyduck

I went here for my friend birthday and we bought the behind the scenes pass. At the basement i saw a man in white overalls, he had a beard and he was pushind a wheel barrow full with coal. then i tryed to show my sister and my parents and then he was gone. They thought i was crazy.
04/10/12, 12:30AM at the Basement by Camcam1011

I went here for my 13th birthday and i took the behind the scenes tour. In the basement, I saw a man in white overalls, a full beard, and he was pushing a wheel barrow full of coal. When I tried to show my parents he was gone and they looked at me like i was crazy. 0.0
04/09/12, 12:00AM at the Basement by Alibug2012

I saw a man in coveralls appear right in front of me, holding up his hammer. As soon as I looked away and back he vanished.
12/01/11, 10:15AM at the Basement by musicnotehalliwell009

ok i have no idea when this was or where but my mom said when she was little she went to the winchester and her friend got a new high tech camera and when she took a picture it was all blurry
08/10/11, 12:00AM at the Basement by hi(:

I saw a ghost!!!
03/11/07, 9:30PM at the Basement by Terrified

me and my friend were in the basement then there was a strong wind then all of a sudden something appeared in front of us. we tried to touch it but it disappeared
05/08/11, 12:00AM at the Basement by jasmine&felicity

when i was 10 i saw a gost a man he was looking right at me when i felt somthing on my back there were scratch marks
05/01/11, 4:30AM at the Basement by ashley2689

we were in the basement very dark and there was this little girl that was somewhat seethrogh i went to go talk to her and ask her where her parents were and she screamed in my face and mumbled i will GET U!!!!!!
02/26/11, 12:00AM at the Basement by BFPREPRESENT

I did just see a ghost in the basement saying "Abandoned" i guess the people were saying this place is Abandoned.
04/23/10, 10:45AM at the Basement by Byron Lopez

while on the behind the scenes tour in the basement i was standing with my back towards a wall in steam alley and i was grabed on my shoulder hard enough to make me jump and made the other 6 people including the tour guide to notice me.
04/14/10, 11:15AM at the Basement by dknight

The basement was colder than upstairs, so i knew it was filled with ghosts
03/29/10, 12:00AM at the Basement by nutcase

Dude. We were in the basement and we all saw it. A figure hiding behind some crates. You could see right through him. My heart was racing like crazy. It was a rush. What a way to start the year.
01/04/10, 1:00PM at the Basement by Dave

This was a Friday the 13th that I will never forget. We were touring the basement and hoping to catch a spirit sighting. We were not disappointed. There were spirits everywhere. It looked like the entire workforce of the house was taking their lunch break. It was amazing. You could see and hear them. When we had to leave they laughed at us. Maybe they thought that no one would believe us.
10/13/06, 12:30PM at the Basement by Joe

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