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i heard a little knock on the door and i felt it. i also was pushed when there was no stairs.
07/22/12, 3:45PM at the Hayloft/Attic

When I entered the attic, I expected to feel scared. Because, after all, it is an attic. Imagine my surprise when I felt a euphoria and level of happiness I have never experienced in the entirety of my life (I am 17 years old). I was so happy, it scared. It was epic and downright spooky. Why would I feel happy in an attic???
01/18/12, 12:00AM at the Hayloft/Attic by Tina T.

It was a weird feeling when I came across this one part of the attic. It was the dark part and I could not see, but I felt chills and had goose bumps. I flashed my flash light there and saw a dark shadow move into the corner where I could not see it. I have never felt that scared before. But I want to go again!
10/08/11, 9:00PM at the Hayloft/Attic by sage

I looked up and I saw what looked like a man about 6 ft tall I was the only one that saw it
12/23/11, 3:00AM at the Hayloft/Attic by tall and black

My wife and I were at the end of the tour group and I felt someone put their hands on my upper arms from behind behind me. I looked and there wasn't anyone, at least no I could see. It wasn't a hard grip, but, rather a soft gentle one. But, it was sort of chilly
05/29/11, 2:00PM at the Hayloft/Attic by blustazman

It was yesturday on a school field trip and i'm in 6th, so what happened was that our first tour was at the hayloft witch is the attic and my friend and i couldn't breathe and my chest started hurting like crazy and then Sarah l. winchester just comfirted me by hugging me saying" its ok its ok i'm here don't pannic my darling, " and then she kissed me on my 4head but i was ok with it i know that she is sweet and she loves ppl visiting her house and she wishes she could have her daughter and i know how she feels cz i dont have my mom with me we have like something in common. UR THE BEST SARAH!!!!!!!
05/20/11, 9:30AM at the Hayloft/Attic by mj10535

I was on a tour with a friend of mine and we were in the hayloft. The tour guide told us to explore as we pleased, so we did. I wandered over to a hay storage space and looked around. I swear I did a triple take, because there was a sort of misty, slightly glowing blob in a dark, dusty corner. I went for my friend and told it to stay, but obviously it didn't listen because when I came back it was gone. Wonder what it was.........
02/20/11, 10:15AM at the Hayloft/Attic by Cowcowcowcow222

This was the only room where I was feeling VERY weird vibes. I was unexplainably nervous and clammy.
04/08/10, 5:30PM at the Hayloft/Attic by Desi

My family entered the dinning room. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When we left, I told them that I had the strangest experience. I said that I smelled the most delicious dinner ever: Pot roast, potatoes, fresh vegetables, and the distinct smell of home made apple pie. The rest of my family reported the same phenomenon. We thought that maybe the spirits wanted to remember dinners past.
07/05/09, 3:15AM at the Hayloft/Attic

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