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Bradley Bedroom

We heard what sounded like a piano playing in the room. When we entered we thought it was a speaker but no speakers could be found and no one was in the adjacent room.
02/04/10, 1:00PM at the Bradley Bedroom by Christine Ford

Don't remember exactly which room I was in, but looking out the window of th3e room we were in, and into a window on an upper floor where there shouldn't have been anyone, I saw what looked like the profile of someone watching us shuffle through the house.
02/06/10, 2:00PM at the Bradley Bedroom by Roy

Everyone in my group stood still. We wanted to find out if we could feel anything. Instead, we heard snoring. It was very distinct. Do spirits need a lot of sleep.
12/23/09, 12:00AM at the Bradley Bedroom by Sasha

This is the 2nd time that I have spotted something in this bedroom. The first time, it was just a shadow. On the second visit I saw the outline of a person. It looked to me like a maid, but I'm not sure.
12/20/07, 12:00AM at the Bradley Bedroom by Jill

I highly recommend one of the special night tours. When all you have is a flashlight and the moon to light the way you can you use your other senses more. You can feel every being that has wandered through the halls of The Winchester House. Every minute of the tour I felt as if I was being observed by something.
03/20/08, 3:15AM at the Bradley Bedroom

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