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13th Bathroom

I was looking in the mirror when I saw a ghost looking back at me, I was frightened and the ghost softly spoke and whispered something I couldn't understand.
07/14/11, 11:45PM at the 13th Bathroom by Abishek

I was Triped And Smacked In The Head With A Broom
01/07/11, 12:00AM at the 13th Bathroom by Jayquan

Everyone in the group was quiet. We thought we heard a door opening. We turned around but all doors were closed. Then we heard footsteps moving away. The guide said it was nothing but we were sure we had heard it.
01/04/09, 1:15PM at the 13th Bathroom by Z

well i was walking and i heard foot steps and then i felt someone touch me
01/31/10, 3:15AM at the 13th Bathroom by vva

Heard footsteps. Thought that someone was following me. Every time I looked back there was no one following me.
01/13/06, 3:30AM at the 13th Bathroom by Melissa

I am not a superstitious person, so visiting the Winchester House on Friday the 13th was nothing special to me. That was until we got to the 13th bathroom. For a brief second it felt like the room was moving. We all saw flashes of something not human and felt a chill like never before. We have become believers in the spirit world. one more thing. This happened at 1:00 which is 13 in military time.
05/13/07, 1:00AM at the 13th Bathroom by Taylor Family

I was in the library and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I thought it was my sister, but she was directly in front of me. I turned around and no one was there.
06/03/07, 3:15AM at the 13th Bathroom

Everyone in my hometown of Bakersfield says that the house is haunted by friendly ghosts. I am the only one that has not seen or felt anything. Yet, I return every year, just in case. I just can’t help myself.
09/20/07, 3:15AM at the 13th Bathroom

Stairways that go nowhere are places that spirits like to hide. I’ve heard them many times.
02/18/09, 3:15AM at the 13th Bathroom

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