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Seance Room

While vacationing in Cali, I visiting the Winchester Mansion. I honestly went to take in the Beauty of the home. I've NEVER believed in hautings. Upon entering the "Seance Room" I could no longer hear the guide talking...her voice became muffled (the only way I can explain it is, like I was listening to someone talk while I was underwater or while wearing ear plugs) I became nauseous and my throat became really dry. It's truly one of the strangest experiences of my life. I know it sounds crazy but it's true.
10/26/15, 12:00AM at the Seance Room by Kentucky Visitor

Went through the whole tour with our guide and felt fine. While in the Seance Room, I became very nauseous. It was to the point that I hurried my husband through the last part of the tour & bought a peppermint stick in the gift shop to settle my stomach. After about 20 minutes, I was fine. I was ok the rest of the day and longer.
11/24/13, 3:00PM at the Seance Room by strange stuff!!

As I walked through the rest of the house, I felt fine, but once I came into the Seance room, I felt as if my body was all heavy..it was really creepy. It felt evil. I dunno if I scared myself into feeling as if I were being repressed, but it creeped me out nonetheless.
11/03/12, 4:45AM at the Seance Room by Madame Cheshire

heard womens scream, like murder!
07/10/12, 2:30PM at the Seance Room by LalalLoopy1234567890

I had serious pain begin in my back when leaning and placing my hand against the wall in the seance room. It felt as though someone squeezed or put pressure into my back. It felt like a presence was there and caused me pain for several days during and after the incident.
03/30/11, 3:15PM at the Seance Room by Joe

I started feeling different tempatures in each room. 1/2 way through the tour I got very sick and nuseous. During the behind the scenes tour I threw up. I uad encountered a very stong paranormal unwelcomed attack.
02/11/12, 12:00AM at the Seance Room by Ta2dRose

I saw the silhouette of a woman walking across the window, not sure who she was. Immediately after I began to feel cold and chilly.
01/23/12, 2:30PM at the Seance Room by Anna Maria Barcelona

the winchester houuse is defineteley haunted. ive been to salem, newyork, and kuntucky but as i walked into the seance room i saw a ball or orb fly fom one part of the room to the next and while looking at this i saw a face and it freaked me out i left imeddiatley. there are unseen forces out there you need to know some of these forces can be dangerous never go ghost hunting cuase the ghost sometimes hunt you. thank you
12/06/11, 12:00AM at the Seance Room by danny phantom paranomal sights

Walking towards the seance room I immediately got dizzy and my heart started pounding and beating really fast, I walked into her dressing room and it intensified when we left that room it all went away!!
10/09/11, 5:30PM at the Seance Room by Nmsmith01

Brought a Gauss meter with me on the Flashlight Tour. Strong meter readings in the Seance Room, Mrs. Winchester's bedroom, the Servant's Call Station and many other rooms & hallways in the house. My friend who was with me, felt a weird sensation on her shin as she was climbing the stairs to the section of the house that was damaged in the 1906 Earthquake. She said it felt like a wire/cord was pushing against her leg. I checked the stairs with my Gauss meter and there was no activity or wire/cord nearby.
10/02/11, 7:45PM at the Seance Room by WMH Fan 13

My family and i stopped to take the tour on our way home from our vacation. The tour was going very well until we approached the seance room. I was a little nervous but everything was fine. However once we entered the room i started getting a terrible stabbing pain in my head neck and shoulder. The pain instantly stopped after we left the room.
08/04/11, 11:30AM at the Seance Room by charlie r.

I was the first to leave the room and go into that unfinished room, and in both rooms i felt hot anf then cold and then hot and thna cold, over and over and I felt really dizzy.
07/31/11, 12:00AM at the Seance Room by Young Medium

I was in a group of 15-20 and I was the last one to leave the Seance Room, and I could feel a really warm then REALLY cold breath on my neck. There were no fans or heaters and again I was the last one out. :|
07/20/11, 1:30PM at the Seance Room by TEMP

I had my Ghost Radar App running. It was on the entire time with no problems until we entered the Seance Room. I was the last one in and had to close the door. After closing the door I looked to see if there were any ghosts. The top half of my screen went black, then the rest of it went black. I started the app again and it was fine during the rest of the tour.
05/29/11, 11:30AM at the Seance Room by breeze

We were going through the hidden door that looked like a cabinet and i was the last person go to through and i heard the door creek i turned around and the door behind us was closing (the group behind us had just started and were in the couch house)
04/17/11, 12:00AM at the Seance Room

When we entered the Seance Room my back was to the hooks. The tour guide did not tell about the hooks but my 6 month old daughter was looking behind me at the hooks and almost crying like she could see something. It was a half laugh half cry. Not sure but definatly something. Had a great time.
02/28/11, 4:30PM at the Seance Room by memj

01/20/11, 2:00AM at the Seance Room by SCAREDBOYY22

I saw a man scream at me I screamed and he dissapeared.
01/22/11, 12:00AM at the Seance Room by laney

I was in the seance room with my 4 year old daughter Kate and i was looking down into the kitchen through the window. I turned around and my daughter was gone. I was starting to freak out when I saw Kate in the hallway looking straight ahead very contently, but nothing was there. for the next few days, she couldn't stop talking about a woman named Sarah and how she talked to her in the crazy house. The creepy thing is, we never told her anything about the Winchester house, or even that Mrs Winchester's name is Sarah.
11/10/10, 4:45PM at the Seance Room by mother of beauty child

I was taking the tour with a boyfriend sometime around 1994 .While we were in the seance room, the tour guide opened the door to what I think is known as Sarah's secret passage and asked if any of us dared to enter first. I volonteered and went in. I was alone in the room for about 3-5 seconds and, from the moment I stepped in, I felt dizzy and was overcome with a feeling of absolute horror. The air felt dense and extremely negative. I was actually about to start screaming when another person stepped in the room and that seemed to break the spell somewhat. There is definitely something more to that room than what is currently known.
06/16/05, 12:00PM at the Seance Room by Shelle

I have forgotten the exact time and date. The room was freezing cold when I stepped in and I had to put on my jacket even though it was a hot day. as we were leaving the tour guide mentioned that this was one of the rooms that lacked air-conditioning. Spooky
06/28/05, 12:00AM at the Seance Room

In my country, we have "Dia de los Muertos," Day of the Dead, where we attempt to communicate with the souls of our ancestors. At the Winchester House every day seems to be Day of the Dead, where the living and the departed speak to each other.
05/26/09, 8:45AM at the Seance Room by Jose

In my country, Iceland, we believe that spirits exist, so I was not surprised when I felt a spirit in what you call the Seance room. I think that if you are open, you can experience this in any room in the house. This was the best part of my trip to California.
07/03/08, 9:00AM at the Seance Room by Elísabet

I closed my eyes in the seance room. After a few moments I heard a voice whisper to me: "Have no fear," When I opened my eyes, I felt calmer than I have ever felt.
03/02/07, 12:00AM at the Seance Room by Jasmynne

First off, this is one of the coolest places I've ever visited. It sure gives any museum a run for there money. So almost everyone that lives in California knows about The Winchester legend. I took a pilgrimage from Los Angels to check it out after all these years of hearing about it as a child. I took the combo tour to make sure I was able to see as much of the mansion as possible. I'm skeptical of ghosts, but once you are there in front of the majestic property, it wasn't a hard choice to spend a few hours there. My tour group was small and it was later in the day. Room after room I was hoping to catch something off or kooky. Aside its physical charm, nothing was popping out. I took countless photos with my disposable camera, also hoping that when I develop my pictures, I might get surprise. The Tour Guide kept mentioning that we were going to see the Seance Room. That room is definitely the wierd part of the folklore of the house. We couldn't get there fast enough. I was shocked that once inside the room, it was as small as it was. After we were told the story about the room and looked out the oddly placed windows, I felt a little let down that I didn't see anything. I was the last person to be walking out of the room when I felt the COLDEST hand touch the back of my neck. It was only a moment that I felt it and when I jumped to the side and turned around... NO ONE WAS THERE. I was walking right by the 13 coat hanger mounts on the wall! All of my hair on my head was standing straight up. I was so freaked out that I didn't even say anything to the people in the group. I did ask the Tour Guide if she knew of any people on tour to see 'anything' while on the tours and she replied that it happens all the time. Especially the flashlight tours. I then told her about the hand that I felt and she grinned and said she will feel Mrs. Winchester's hand on her neck too in the Seance Room when she is about to come into extra money and that it is a good omen. She chuckled afterwards and said she's not rich and it doesn't mean a large sum of money is coming... "after all, Mrs. Winchester paid her workers in quarters." Though it was a cool story for the Tour Guide to tell me, I was honestly too creeped out to see what the flashlight tour had to offer. I'm glad it wasn't offered on the day that I went, so I wasn't tempted. I did have a peaceful late lunch there. It truly is a beautiful place, just eerie!
05/17/07, 6:45PM at the Seance Room by Justin Lund

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