The House Fear Built

The following excerpts and personal accounts are summaries of actual and unexplained experiences of past and present employees, guests, members of the press, and psychic researchers while inside the Winchester Mystery House™. These are but a few of the experiences that continue to evolve from Sarah Winchester's World Famous Victorian mansion.

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Recent Incidents

I Can't remember where this happened, but i think it was right before the tour guide took us into the kitchen. I heard someone whisper sara in my ear. No one was near me, and no one in my family did it. It was right in my ear, very clearly whispering the name sara. Funny thing is, i totally did not know Mrs. Winchester's name was sarah. I was paying attention to the tour, I just blanked out at the part when the topur guide said her first name. I only learned much later that her name was actually Sarah. Spooky.
07/16/11, 5:45AM at the Other by Caitie

My wife and I were in the area on business and we had always wanted to tour the Winchester house. We started the tour and hung at the back of the tour because we knew we wanted to take alot of pictures. I hadn't felt anything or noticed anything strange until we were in the hallway before we entered Sarah's room. When walking in the hallway I got a very cold breeze that left a chill all over me. After reviewing our photos we noticed an apparition in the long mirror in Sarah's room. CRAZY!!!
08/06/09, 2:00PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by David

I was in a group of 15-20 and I was the last one to leave the Seance Room, and I could feel a really warm then REALLY cold breath on my neck. There were no fans or heaters and again I was the last one out. :|
07/20/11, 1:30PM at the Seance Room by TEMP

I looked up and I saw what looked like a man about 6 ft tall I was the only one that saw it
12/23/11, 3:00AM at the Hayloft/Attic by tall and black

I was looking in the mirror when I saw a ghost looking back at me, I was frightened and the ghost softly spoke and whispered something I couldn't understand.
07/14/11, 11:45PM at the 13th Bathroom by Abishek

i saw a ghost touching the flowers and then i said somthing but i just cant pick it up all i know is that it said winchester im like wow i saw a ghost
07/05/11, 3:15AM at the Gardens by winchesterlover

After viewing our photos we came upon a photo I took of the carriage overpass nearest the green house. In the window was Sarah Winchester's upper torso and hat,above her where two other ghosts one of which was bearded man.
09/05/10, 2:00PM at the Other Location by FORREAL

I have a neighebor with the exact name of Sarah Winchester, she is quite old, She always talked about how she has like flash backs or visions of a giant house and speaks to spirits. We decided to show her the wincherter mystery house that she knew nothing about. The Whole time she had been acting funny but when we entered Sarah Winchester's room she started saying how it was hard to breathe and then fainted. When she came too she told us that she saw herself die in the bed and rushed out. Never speaking of it again
06/22/11, 12:15AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by NoJoker

I saw a ghost!!!
03/11/07, 9:30PM at the Basement by Terrified

I felt a slight jerk like someone pushed on my right shoulder, and my phone froze, the screen turned black, and rebooted itself automatically.
06/17/10, 2:45PM at the Grand Ballroom by funisawayoflife

I CAUGHT SARAH HERSELF IN A PICTURE! And she's not the only ghost in my pic! I took a disposable 27 exp camera, ONLY 13 pics turned out (all of outside except this one!) Its of the door to nowhere!!! There she is, all 4ft of her! Behind her n the dark of the door is a col. Sanders lookn man. The pic is posted on my facebook..its awesome!!!
05/08/08, 12:00AM at the Other by tresamcinty

when me and my mom went in this room I felt a chilling brezze like it was coming towards the room I turned towards my mom and said "Did you feel a cold brezze".she said "no".and as soon as she said that it stoped.
05/30/11, 12:15PM at the $25,000 Storeroom by ghost wacther

I had my Ghost Radar App running. It was on the entire time with no problems until we entered the Seance Room. I was the last one in and had to close the door. After closing the door I looked to see if there were any ghosts. The top half of my screen went black, then the rest of it went black. I started the app again and it was fine during the rest of the tour.
05/29/11, 11:30AM at the Seance Room by breeze

My wife and I were at the end of the tour group and I felt someone put their hands on my upper arms from behind behind me. I looked and there wasn't anyone, at least no I could see. It wasn't a hard grip, but, rather a soft gentle one. But, it was sort of chilly
05/29/11, 2:00PM at the Hayloft/Attic by blustazman

I had gone to the House only once, and this was the time. We had just gotten off a Disney Cruise and went exploring around California. We stopped here and took a tour. As we went to Sarah's room, my brother took a picture of her bed. As we looked at the picture on his camera, we saw Sarah sleeping in her bed!
03/15/11, 2:45PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by DisneyGirl

It was yesturday on a school field trip and i'm in 6th, so what happened was that our first tour was at the hayloft witch is the attic and my friend and i couldn't breathe and my chest started hurting like crazy and then Sarah l. winchester just comfirted me by hugging me saying" its ok its ok i'm here don't pannic my darling, " and then she kissed me on my 4head but i was ok with it i know that she is sweet and she loves ppl visiting her house and she wishes she could have her daughter and i know how she feels cz i dont have my mom with me we have like something in common. UR THE BEST SARAH!!!!!!!
05/20/11, 9:30AM at the Hayloft/Attic by mj10535

i got a picter of a guy with a beard in one of the sheds oughtside
07/02/05, 3:30AM at the Other by Tony Le Domino

I know its a little weird but while me an a friend were in the elevator shaft I heard what sounded like an elevator sliding at a high speed towards the ground then it suddenly stopped. I asked my friend if he heard anything he said no... creepy...
03/16/11, 7:30AM at the Elevator Shaft by TheFreakedOutGuy

me and my friend were in the basement then there was a strong wind then all of a sudden something appeared in front of us. we tried to touch it but it disappeared
05/08/11, 12:00AM at the Basement by jasmine&felicity

i was standing by the glass door waiting for the tour to begin when i felt like a tap on my back, when i turned to see what it was i noticed it (i.e. it wasn't windy that day either), but in that same second i felt like a hard pressure as if the door wanted to open by force. so i moved and then i felt a really cold breeze hit my face. then i felt sick and dizzy for about 20 minutes. i don't think it can be considered paranormal but it sure was strange.
05/16/10, 2:00PM at the Carriage Entrance by denise

when i was 10 i saw a gost a man he was looking right at me when i felt somthing on my back there were scratch marks
05/01/11, 4:30AM at the Basement by ashley2689

when we were on the tour i looked up into the attic and saw a man dressed in black walk into the next room i assked the tour guide if there was anyone there and he said no and i said i saw a man and he went up and found no one there or in the area
04/26/11, 12:45AM at the Daisy Bedroom by scarie

I quit my job as a tour guide yesterday, and something wierd happened. I didn't bieleive in ghosts, so I never payed attention to strange things in the house. Yesterday, my last day, I had the urge to say something. I got done cleaning Sarah's bed, then I said "Thank you, Sarah. You brough this house, which means you brought me my work, and my money. Plus, you brought me my house, too. I am so thankful." Why did I say that? I don't know. It jsut came out. As soon as I went out of the room, I saw a floating orb, and something moist went onto my cheek. I walks calmly, but quickly, outside, and went home. I looked at my cheek, there was a bit of lipstick. I have the feeling she had kissed me on the cheek. Now I visit every month, no longer nwervous of the house.
04/24/11, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Ian Lattimore

My family and i were taking the tour back in 1977 summer i believe. The tour guide was walking us around and i kept smelling pea soup or lentil soup cooking in the ktchen.The smellfiled the house and after about a 1/2 hr. i had i finaly asked "what soup is that cooking ?" well the little tour guide turned pale and said "the kitchen hasn't been functunional in years."My mom tried to smell it couldn't the party tried to smell it couldn't no body could smell it BUT i did and have to laugh every time i hear anything about the house they mention the pea soup...hhmmm i wonder if that was me.
04/22/11, 12:00AM at the Front Kitchen by Dan

We didn't have anything "happen" to us but I did get pictures with purple orbs. Also, a couple with like purple "mists" things.
03/20/10, 1:00PM at the Other by jennporter4

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