The House Fear Built

The following excerpts and personal accounts are summaries of actual and unexplained experiences of past and present employees, guests, members of the press, and psychic researchers while inside the Winchester Mystery House™. These are but a few of the experiences that continue to evolve from Sarah Winchester's World Famous Victorian mansion.

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Recent Incidents

I was in the gardens tacking pictures to the bushes and there was a bench near. I took the picture the I fel a super cold breze and when i lloked at the pictured Inoticed a woman dresed in a wierd dress but there wasnt anybody there.
12/15/10, 12:45PM at the Gardens by Juan Pablo

As my son and my self were passing by this kitchen area,all of a sudden the light bulbs started to get dim for awhile like if the lights were going to go out. Other people other than my son and myself expirienced such a weird and spooky thing at the same time. Some people even went,wow!
01/30/12, 4:30AM at the Other Location by diego

01/20/11, 2:00AM at the Seance Room by SCAREDBOYY22

I saw a man scream at me I screamed and he dissapeared.
01/22/11, 12:00AM at the Seance Room by laney

I was Triped And Smacked In The Head With A Broom
01/07/11, 12:00AM at the 13th Bathroom by Jayquan

I seen a little girl creep around the corner. Almost as if she were hiding. Her hair was curly and she had a little pink dress on. She was maybe about 3.5 feet tall. Her face was very pale. She said,"Catch me if you can!" Her hair was strawberry-blonde. And then she disappeared right after that. I was with my daughter and husband. Only me and him saw it.
10/15/10, 3:15AM at the Daisy Bedroom by Strawberry-Blonde

When we started out tour, in a hallway with the stairs that go nowhere but the ceiling, we all got a chance to peek around the corner and see how the stairs went nowhere. After my husband took a peek, he said how it was funny that they put a hologram of an old lady to make it seem scary. I started laughing because I though he was kidding, but he wasn't. He saw an old lady with white hair sitting down on the stairs.
12/28/10, 3:15PM at the Other by scary909

I was with my older sister walking in the gardens and I looked at a window and I thought I saw something, I took a picture and when I looked at the picture closely and I could see an older looking woman in a Victorian dress looking out the window.
10/25/05, 2:45PM at the Gardens by Dperea

i was walking around the room and i see a mirror, i stop to see it cause there was a pain on my face and at the corner of my eye, i see a ladie staring at me from the door , which i tthought it was a guest but she a dress and her hair was in a bunch...and thats when i realized that it was a ghost of the ....woman that have lived there a long time ago
12/20/10, 12:15AM at the Linen Room by ghostbreath

As I was entering the house, We stayed in the first room. Our host was talking. Then saw that the door opened and no one opened it! That was creepy!
07/18/06, 1:15AM at the Other by freakyjerk

I was in the seance room with my 4 year old daughter Kate and i was looking down into the kitchen through the window. I turned around and my daughter was gone. I was starting to freak out when I saw Kate in the hallway looking straight ahead very contently, but nothing was there. for the next few days, she couldn't stop talking about a woman named Sarah and how she talked to her in the crazy house. The creepy thing is, we never told her anything about the Winchester house, or even that Mrs Winchester's name is Sarah.
11/10/10, 4:45PM at the Seance Room by mother of beauty child

I went on the afternoon tour. When I went I was wearing my necklace of a cross/crucifix that I usually wore everyday, which I've had for 3 yrs. When I left the tour I've noticed that the cross/crucifix was gone.
05/28/00, 2:00PM at the Morning Room

In the unfinished dressing room, adjacent to the seance room, both of us heard the creaking floorboards, but my boyfriend saw the ghost of carpenter who appeared to be patiently waiting for the tourists to leave, so he could continue his work.
09/19/10, 3:30PM at the Other Location by Faith148

I have never really believed in ghosts, although I still love freaking myself out with ghost stories now as much as I did when I was younger. On the tour that my husband and I took, I had continuous chills throughout the mansion. I told my husband this and he shrugged it off, but I am still creeped out by it! I also remember feeling a bit nauseous, even though I wasn't sick at all.
08/11/10, 1:00PM at the Other Location by KPharude

I just realized in one of the pictures from our trip you can clearly see a short woman with a white high neck long sleeved blouse in the front window and a tall man standing behind her and to the right I have shown several people who all see the same without being told what they are looking for. you musy zoom in to see it I will be happy to forward the photo ps seonds later another picture taken at a slightly different angle shows nothing
04/11/08, 2:00AM at the Other by SAKW

So, I was with my friends and we were all excited that we were at the house at night. It was about 11:58, we were in the front kitchen, and we were all waiting for something creepy to happen. It turned 12. We were all kinda disappointed, but then I heard my best friend, Joanna, scream, "Wait, ow!". I turned around, and there was a tiny cut above her eyebrow. A little blood was dripping from it, and we all knew that Joanna didn't do it. I will never forget that.
08/10/10, 12:00AM at the Front Kitchen by Bloody Cut

I was taking the tour with a boyfriend sometime around 1994 .While we were in the seance room, the tour guide opened the door to what I think is known as Sarah's secret passage and asked if any of us dared to enter first. I volonteered and went in. I was alone in the room for about 3-5 seconds and, from the moment I stepped in, I felt dizzy and was overcome with a feeling of absolute horror. The air felt dense and extremely negative. I was actually about to start screaming when another person stepped in the room and that seemed to break the spell somewhat. There is definitely something more to that room than what is currently known.
06/16/05, 12:00PM at the Seance Room by Shelle

It was my birthday and i was visting the manison for the first time i was turning 13 , i looked into the mirror and suddenly i saw a young girl standing beside she was a bit taller then i was but she was blurry she said happy birthday to me and i was soo shocked and i couldnt speak a word threw the whole tour ! it was an amazing day and the best soo far !
04/21/10, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Yuki Kuran

As the tour was leaving the bedroom, I glanced at the window and saw a man standing there. He was dressed in overalls, dark-ish shirt, a floppy hat, and had curly dark hair and a big floppy mustache. I turned to my friend to get her to look and he was gone.
05/02/86, 6:00PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by xphile1998

Okey i know this has nothing to inside a house but while i was driving by the Winchester Mystery House i took some pics of the house while in car driving by and i caught a picture of a ghost looking out the window, and the ghost figure is pretty big and it looks likea human.
08/20/10, 12:00AM at the Other Location by Outside of Winchester House

I have forgotten the exact time and date. The room was freezing cold when I stepped in and I had to put on my jacket even though it was a hot day. as we were leaving the tour guide mentioned that this was one of the rooms that lacked air-conditioning. Spooky
06/28/05, 12:00AM at the Seance Room

While I was trying to read the words written in the tiffany glass, my eyes seemed like they were "vibrating" in my head, and the room started going hazy. It only lasted a few seconds, but it totally wasn't like anything I had ever experienced.
08/11/10, 2:45PM at the Grand Ballroom by tsam

I visited the W.H. last summer and captured a mysterious picture. I don't know the name of the room it was taken in, but there was a mirror in the room. the room was plain and seemed like a storage room. I took a picture of my boyfriend and I in the mirror and a 3rd person appeared next to my boyfriend. the figure is obviously a person, but there was no one standing next to my boyfriend during the photo. we even looked at everyone in the group to find that not one person looked like the figure in my pic. I still can't get over the picture. i went through every scenario of who or what the 3rd person could have been right after taking the picture, and there is no explanation. The photo was not manipulated in any way. Everyone that i show the picture to is blown away.
06/09/09, 4:30AM at the Other by Angela M

I swore something touched me in the arm !
03/30/10, 1:15AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by General waffles

I have a picture of the front of the house and there appears to be a lady in white that looks distraught on the second floor on the right side. I can send you the picture of it!
08/02/09, 2:00AM at the Other Location by Cobbelbur

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