The House Fear Built

The following excerpts and personal accounts are summaries of actual and unexplained experiences of past and present employees, guests, members of the press, and psychic researchers while inside the Winchester Mystery House™. These are but a few of the experiences that continue to evolve from Sarah Winchester's World Famous Victorian mansion.

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Recent Incidents

i was taking pictures in the garden and in some of them are figures that show up in the picture. Two pictures where taken by the goddess statues. The other picture was taken where there wicyches cap is located
07/29/10, 3:00PM at the Gardens by Kylie

I was taking photos of the garden area while visiting...When I reviewed the pictures I had taken later, one stood out. The photo was of the corner of the garden where the fruit drying shed is. The picture has the evening sun streaming down through the trees. In the lower right of this sunlight some ones head seems to appear...
07/22/10, 5:30PM at the Gardens by krakon

I was looking at the bed and it seemed to me that there was a figure laying in the bed. The covers of the bed where moved and were slept in. When our group leader began talking the figure moved sharply and everyone turned to look at the bed and then the figure disappeared. As the ghostly figure disappeared one word was said, "Die".
07/22/10, 12:00AM at the Daisy Bedroom by DIE

My husband and I were one of the last people in the room and I had just finished thinking "I wonder if there's any spirits with us in this room." At that moment I felt a strange pressure/sensation on my left shoulder. It felt like an electric shock. My shoulder and whole left arm continued to tingle throughout the rest of the tour. To make things stranger the hotel room we stayed in that night had tiny crosses painted in nail polish over every doorway and window. Creepy.
07/17/10, 7:45PM at the Linen Room by JP

I was in the back with my 2 best friends and 1 of my friends was 7mths pregnant and she told us she heard a voice that said you will have a baby girls and 3mths later she had a girl
03/13/09, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Renea

When we were in Sarah Winchester s bedroom and the tour guide was talking I felt tight squezing in my chest. Also, in one of the rooms I got a sudden headache.
06/28/10, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Adabeleiver

My sister and I had visited with my uncle. It was August and very hot inside and outside the house. We got up to Sarah's room with our tour and it was very cold in her room. We stated it out loud and everyone looked at us like we were crazy.
08/01/95, 12:00PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Monica

My husband was taking photos in the Daisy Bedroom and saw something move my braid (my hair is 3 feet long). I thought it was my daughter, she often holds onto it for comfort in strange environments. It was a bright white orb. The image was captured on the photo he took as it moved past me and stopped in front of the leaded glass window
03/25/03, 2:00PM at the Daisy Bedroom

there i was sitting and all of the sudden a cold chill came across me when out of no where a sheet whipped off the shelf and trapped me in its jaws then it released but when i looked up, i was back in my home in kentucky MEOW
03/14/10, 4:30PM at the Linen Room by TheTRANSPORTED

We had just got out of the basement, the rest of our tour were impatient and ran on ahead to the gardens there was just the two of us and the guide...we heard a REALLY loud door slam from some where in the house near by, but didn't hear any tour groups...the guide seemed a little weird-ed out! It was probably the wind...but spooky none the less.
05/31/10, 3:15PM at the Back Porch Steps by NotMe

An old lady walking around wareing old clothes , at first I thought it was some kind of dress up day.
05/29/10, 1:00PM at the $25,000 Storeroom by Wilson

took many pics that day, but did'nt notice this till several months after taking the pics.One pic of a small living room in front of the fire place the camera seems to have captured an aperition. that can be seen clealy.
04/28/07, 2:15PM at the Other by Peter Wlasiuk

Well I had just finished the tour of the main house. and loved it so I decided to take the underground tour. Being little at the time I had to find a hard hat that fit so I got a little behind the others. I went through many hats and then finally came to the right one I put it on and chased after them. I then heard a voice and then the sound of multiple hats dropping from behind. I went back and all the hats were in disarray. I put them all back and then heard the voice again. No one was there.
08/10/06, 4:00AM at the Horse Staples by Phantom

Everyone in the group was quiet. We thought we heard a door opening. We turned around but all doors were closed. Then we heard footsteps moving away. The guide said it was nothing but we were sure we had heard it.
01/04/09, 1:15PM at the 13th Bathroom by Z

My mom & I went about a year ago & asked our tour guide about the hauntings & he looked at us like we were crazy & laughed. I didnt feel anything anyway. I'm not saying the house isnt haunted but I didnt feel anything & I usually do.
05/16/10, 12:00AM at the $25,000 Storeroom by Stephanie

I was in her bedroom and felt sorrow and remorse and she touched my soul I thought the house was awesome and eerie,
05/14/10, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by 1412-1431

while walking through the conservatory we witnessed a line of 13 big black crows lined up along the roof, they were sitting on the glass making very creepy noises and clawing the glass.
05/12/10, 12:00AM at the Gardens by creeped out!

I fell behind in my tour group, so I was going down a hallway virtually alone - I had just come down a flight of stairs. I then heard definite footsteps, and expected to see someone coming down the stairs, or hallway. I waited a minute, but did not see anyone.
05/09/10, 3:00PM at the Other Location by lynn

It was actually through the end half of the tour. I started to feel nauseous (though I was being left behind a lot). I sometimes heard voices (not by the group). I heard footsteps walk behind me when no one was there. I also took a picture in one of the unfinished rooms and I caught a solid orb on the wood. I have the picture, if you'd like it?
10/31/08, 12:15AM at the Other Location by m.s.

While on the tour some years ago I looked up the porch steps and I saw a chupacabara. Its had red eyes and fangs.
07/15/08, 1:30AM at the Back Porch Steps by Joshtaos

I did just see a ghost in the basement saying "Abandoned" i guess the people were saying this place is Abandoned.
04/23/10, 10:45AM at the Basement by Byron Lopez

while on the behind the scenes tour in the basement i was standing with my back towards a wall in steam alley and i was grabed on my shoulder hard enough to make me jump and made the other 6 people including the tour guide to notice me.
04/14/10, 11:15AM at the Basement by dknight

Looking up at the ceiling I saw what I thought was a heater distortion-like what you see above a toaster, only realized later there are no heaters in the house.
04/01/08, 1:30PM at the Daisy Bedroom by tjzizzo

This was the only room where I was feeling VERY weird vibes. I was unexplainably nervous and clammy.
04/08/10, 5:30PM at the Hayloft/Attic by Desi

I was on a tour,I was looking forward to to gping to Sarah Winchesters bedroom,i heard she died in her room,so i brought my ghost meter,it was completely off adn suddenly i entered her room,and a brush of cool air hit my face,then my ghost meter started beeping,it was on number 5 the highest number on the meter,I told my guide,and she said i think sarah just said hi!
04/08/10, 4:30PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by sarahwinchester99

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