The House Fear Built

The following excerpts and personal accounts are summaries of actual and unexplained experiences of past and present employees, guests, members of the press, and psychic researchers while inside the Winchester Mystery House™. These are but a few of the experiences that continue to evolve from Sarah Winchester's World Famous Victorian mansion.

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Recent Incidents

We wemt on the behind the scenes tour when we were told something interesting. A man in white coveralls carrying a wheelbarrow has been seen in the house over 15 times. They show them a picture of the carpenters in the house and everyone points to the same guy. Strange right?
07/25/12, 2:30AM at the Basement by daffyduck

After entering the first hallway, I felt dizzy, quesy, & had a fast heartbeat. On the second floor hallway, I was filming the guide talking, and when we reviewed the tape that night, we had caught a weird, glowing green human form in the back ground. We tried to forget what we saw. Later, the same week after returning home to Houston, Tx., a lot of weird things happened. I had things moving around, was touched by something not there, weird smells, power outages, etc. Many people witness these things and we all thought we were crazy. I finally had a Reverend come to my house and do a clearing and it never happened again! I'm thinking, I'll never go back!
09/27/96, 1:00PM at the Front Parlor by Haunted Houstonian

i heard a little knock on the door and i felt it. i also was pushed when there was no stairs.
07/22/12, 3:45PM at the Hayloft/Attic

i heard like a conversation between two women i couldnt realy make out what they were saying because it was so faint.
07/21/12, 2:15PM at the Servant Call Station by vindictive16

After going on the Winchester Mansion tour, i had taken a look at some pics i took in the gun museum and found a strange circular ball coming down from the red staircase in that room. It appeared to be on one of the lower-level stairs and was not bigger that it. I just wish i knew what that room was in the 1900's and what that staircase led to... I was creeped out
07/17/12, 5:45PM at the Other Location by TanMan7337

I was pretty sure this was not a human. I eventually saw a shadow which shape-shifted. I looked back and I saw the "figure". And when I blinked it have vanished. My second encounter was my arm felt a squeeze. I looked back and no one was there. Of course it wasn't my sister. When I went in in the first part of the tour. I felt like I couldn't breathe. And my back was aching. Yikes! It's a really nice place to visit but very bizarre.. :)
07/13/12, 12:15AM at the Post 1906 Kitchen by THGFan

heard womens scream, like murder!
07/10/12, 2:30PM at the Seance Room by LalalLoopy1234567890

i had taken the tour with my family one day when i was about 11. the tour guide person was talking & outta no where the exit door opened and i saw 2 shadows walk out. me and my uncle seen it, no one else did. soo we told the tour guide person and she said no one walked out .. it was pretty creepy.
07/11/12, 12:00AM at the Other by daddyb.

Im not sure that it was this room or not but that is what the tour guide told me. When we went in a different room, there was a small window where you could see the room we just were in. I looked inside to see a black silouette (however you spell it) shadow that looked to be a man in a suite over the one abandoned piano. By the time I blinked, it was gone. Only my brother believes me but my parents dont. They think it was just a shadow of someone in another tour walking by from another tour. But it couldnt be a tour because you couldnt hear any footsteps ( which you can usually hear in the house ).
06/23/12, 11:30AM at the Morning Room by Mikayla R.

i have long red hair and when i was on the tour it was in a ponytail.Everyone lovs it when it is down . i was walking towards the front of the group with the tour guide when i felt some one pulling on my hair i thought it was my brother so it didnt bug me. in the next room i felt my ponytail holeder break for no reason(it was new) then when i was in sarahs room i felt my hair being brushed and the tour guide was not looking at the brush in midair or heard the words - do not hide your hair from me. i an definatly going back with my friends!!!!!!!!
06/14/12, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Lucy

me and my friend walked into sarah's room and we sarted to hear a beutiful piano music. we became very scared once i talked to my frind the music stoped. i stoped there in shock.
04/10/12, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by screamo123

During the whole tour i was so freaked out that when i saw something in the window i thought i saw an apparition but it must of been just me.
05/17/12, 5:30AM at the Other by 2B freaked out

I went here for my friend birthday and we bought the behind the scenes pass. At the basement i saw a man in white overalls, he had a beard and he was pushind a wheel barrow full with coal. then i tryed to show my sister and my parents and then he was gone. They thought i was crazy.
04/10/12, 12:30AM at the Basement by Camcam1011

Me and my best friend were walking through sara's bedroom and we'd eaten a lot of sugar so we were kinda feeling sick.My friend really had to puke so i just said "i hope you feel better" and then in the backround of my voice i heard someone copy what i had just said but everyone had already left the room.
06/02/12, 12:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by IM SCARED

I was on the tour and the guide stopped and had us look at an aerial photo of the sprawling house and asked if we would like to guess which room we were in. I seemed to know exactly where we were, as if someone was telling me. I went over to the photo and pointed out a room. I was one room off. The tour guide said, "Oh, you've been on the tour before!" I hadn't! I felt like an older female presence told me which room we were in and she was rather exasperated with the whole thing. I also got the very strong impression that she really did not like the tour guide at all.
06/01/07, 10:00AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Linda

As soon as I walked in I felt an icy cold breeze, and this also happened in the basement, seance room, and many others. On "her" bed there was an interesting glow that I asked my grandparents if they saw, but they didn't see it. Then I was dizzy and a small dog like shaped glow ran around the room. As soon as they appeared, they were gone.
05/12/12, 1:30PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Hann-da

Unusual feeling throughout tour. Was not aware of "hauntings/sightings" and was 16 years of age at time of tour. Diminished hearing, short of breath, dizzy, underwater feeling, queasy, heart palpitations. Thought I might faint. Felt better after leaving the room, but in the hallway I got a headache. No history of illness prior. I have suffered from panic attacks since that time, up to this day. Have never returned.
03/07/92, 3:00PM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by Hash

I was at my friends birthday party for the 65 min. tour and when we were in Sarah's room, I was near the wall with nobody behind me and something touched my shoulder and also there was a shadow and imprints on her bed like she was sleeping there... creepy!!
04/05/12, 4:30AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by ahutch12345

Iwas in the laundry room an i felt someone wisper in my ear you need to leave now or you will die.I was so scared that i ran out side and i heard it again and then it said i am not playing this was so so so so so creapy
04/09/12, 11:15AM at the Laundry Room by abigail

I can definitely say I felt a lot of energy on the tour... It was like Sarah was walking with me pointing out the details, beckoning me down blocked off halls, asking me to finish her work. I wish I could spend the night there alone and explore and get to know her and her otherworldly guests!
04/22/12, 3:45AM at the Sarah Winchester Bedroom by The DOTKU ~Kadesh

we were driving home, and we were talking about Sara Winchester and said that she was a crazy, then it started poring really hard and we could hardly see out the window. was it a coincidence. you decide.
04/11/12, 12:30PM at the Other by creepy

I went here for my 13th birthday and i took the behind the scenes tour. In the basement, I saw a man in white overalls, a full beard, and he was pushing a wheel barrow full of coal. When I tried to show my parents he was gone and they looked at me like i was crazy. 0.0
04/09/12, 12:00AM at the Basement by Alibug2012

I had serious pain begin in my back when leaning and placing my hand against the wall in the seance room. It felt as though someone squeezed or put pressure into my back. It felt like a presence was there and caused me pain for several days during and after the incident.
03/30/11, 3:15PM at the Seance Room by Joe

The summer after fourth grade (1968)we visited the Winchester House. I felt like I was being followed by a lady the through the house. When I walked across the threshold from the house to the gift shop, I knew she wasn't allowed to cross that line. Being so young, I had no idea that the house was reported to be haunted. But it was a very strong feeling.
05/21/05, 12:00AM at the Other by caring4211

I was feeling cold and chilly the whole time when I was in the house.
03/07/12, 9:30AM at the Other

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