Halloween Candlelight Tour Returns for Those Seeking a Classic Haunting

Tim O'Day

Following in the footsteps of its highly successful 2016 debut, the much-anticipated Hallowe’en Candlelight Tour returns to Winchester Mystery House for 20 nights only beginning Friday, September 29. This spine-tingling experience, enhanced for 2017, takes visitors on a tour through one of America’s most famous haunted homes while accompanied by only candlelight and a somewhat demented estate “caretaker.”

Once guests enter the stately home, known for its “activity,” they embark on a journey to discover what evil forces are at play. In a dark, chilling, and frightful tour they come to realize that the elusive Boston psychic that Sarah Winchester allegedly consulted with upon the death of her husband in 1881 is still attempting to manipulate her, and her house, in the afterlife.

“If you’re seeking a truly immersive ‘haunt’ experience within the environment of one of the most famous haunted houses in the country, then you’ve come to the right place,” states Peter Overstreet, creative director for the popular seasonal tour at Winchester Mystery House. “Many of the events and occasions we cite on the tour are pulled from the reported personal paranormal experiences of both employees and guests alike adding authenticity to the experience.”

It’s a truly gothic and unnerving experience where your mind plays unintentional tricks on you, eliciting exclamations of “What was that?” “Didyou just hear that?” “What’s that in the corner?” Some people call it “theater-of-the-mind,” others may call it terrifying.

“If you’re afraid of the dark or want to experience blood and chainsaws, then the Hallowe’en Candlelight Tour may not be for you,” adds Overstreet. “But if you seek a classic haunting where an evil presence pits you between the forces of light and dark, then we invite you into the Winchester Mystery House to experience an unforgettable journey to the other side.”


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