It’s Time to See MORE of the Winchester Mystery House

Jake Williams

Today we open ticket sales to our all-new tour offering we call “Explore More!” This exciting new experience is the first new tour to debut at Winchester Mystery House in over 20 years. On this new and unprecedented guided tour, you will visit areas that have NEVER been open to the public, plus areas that have been closed off for decades.

Available for only a limited time-period, the “Explore More Tour” temporarily replaces the Behind-the-Scenes/Grand Estate Tour. The 2.5-hour Explore More Tour experience is being offered in combination with the base Mansion Tour. By experiencing both the Mansion Tour and the Explore More Tour visitors will see MORE of the actual mansion than has ever been possible before.

Guests first get a historical overview to Sarah Winchester and her incredible house by seeing 110 of the mansion’s 160 rooms. After a brief break, guests then embark on the Explore More Tour where they will venture from the very bottom of the grand manor to the rooftops, in-between visiting lonely corridors, dark hideaways and foreboding attic spaces.