The Season of Long Shadows and Foreboding at Winchester Mystery House

Tim O'Day

Today marks the first day of autumn. For many people, it’s the season of vibrant fall colors, the swirl of falling leaves on cool winds and the crooked smiles of jolly Jack O’Lanterns. However, at Winchester Mystery House it’s the time of year where long shadows cast a sense of foreboding and melancholia – an allure for those seeking to step into one of America’s most legendary “ghost stories,” experience an “otherworldly” encounter, or journey on a chilling adventure.

Here at Winchester Mystery House the increasingly shorter days and orange-hued sunsets signal the return of our popular Hallowe’en Candlelight Tour. Your invited to join a slightly “off-kilter” estate caretaker and enter a world of dusky hallways, lonely corridors, creaky stairs and menacing rooms – all illuminated only by candlelight – what could possibly happen (in the dark)?

On the tour, what lurks in the shadows is even more frightening than the typical chainsaws and gore of other Halloween experiences. Here foreboding abounds as the house itself, and those within it, seem caught in a terrifying tug-of-war between Sarah Winchester herself and the malevolent psychic medium who pitted her against the spirits.

So, make plans now to crossover to the “other side” and join us next Friday, September 29, as we debut our 2017 Hallowe’en Candlelight Tour (for 20 nights only). Follow this link to dates and tickets: Hallowe’en Candlelight Tours