The Winchester Mystery House Debuts “Annunciator Blog”

Walter Magnuson

Welcome to our first-ever blog and our first blog post! You might be scratching your head wondering what kind of name is “The Annunciator”? Like most things here at Winchester Mystery House this name has a direct connection back to Mrs. Winchester herself.

On the third floor, right outside of the Servant’s Call Office, tour visitors can see an authentic annunciator. This elegant piece of modern electronics (for the 1880s) was nothing more than a fancy call box where Mrs. Winchester could buzz-in and the servants would know exactly where she was located within the sprawling house in order to offer any required assistance and information.

Much in the same spirit as the annunciator, this blog will endeavor to provide you with helpful, up-to-the-the moment information regarding activities and events at the estate, behind-the-scenes stories and showcases of the many aspects of Winchester Mystery House. It’s our goal to update the blog 2-3 times a week. Also, be sure to visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We hope you enjoy following our blog – you never know what will materialize.