There’s Treasure At The Winchester Mystery House

Jake Williams

So much is unknown about the Winchester Mystery House. Why did Sarah Winchester build stairs to the ceiling? What’s that door to nowhere there for, or where did all of the spirits come from?

  1. Something else that is quite a mystery is the daily appearance of the Amazon Treasure Truck! Some may be familiar with the idea of the Treasure Truck: Amazon picks an item to sell on a day, you order it via the app and pick it up at the treasure truck the day-of at a surprise location!

Being a icon of the Silicon Valley, we were honored to be considered as a pick-up location for the Amazon Treasure Truck. Now, we won’t be able to say when our friends will show up, but if you stay tuned to their notifications and our social media feeds, you may be able to swing by to pick up that one hot-take item you’ve been wanting, and maybe get a surprise from the Winchester Mystery House as well! You just never may know what will appear on those special event days, because if there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s mystery.