Want Bragging Rights for Hallowe’en?

Tim O'Day

Tomorrow as the afternoon sun starts to set and the dusk fades with diminishing hues of orange, eventually succumbing to the darkness, where will you be? Perhaps at home passing out candy? At a costume party? Or maybe you’re up for a little All Hallow’s Eve adventure? If so, come over to our house.

There are few people in the world who can authentically claim they spent a portion of Halloween evening in one of America’s most famous haunted locales. If you are so inclined, you are most invited to come to our house and take a journey to the “other side” during the last evening for our Hallowe’en Candlelight Tours for 2017.

With predicted cool breezes and temperatures hovering between 58-60 degrees it will be a perfect autumn night. If you’ve never been to the Winchester Mystery House, or haven’t visited with us in a long time, our Hallowe’en Candlelight Tour is the quintessential Halloween experience. For those of you inclined towards sinister tales of old, unexplained phenomenon, the paranormal or the gothic, you’ll delight in the ghostly atmosphere, frights and chills we have in store for you – with many of the stories based on first-hand accounts of employees and visitors alike.

So, come and join us and become one of the few to have ever experienced Hallowe’en evening at Winchester Mystery House. It’s just you, the darkness and restless spirits . . . what could possibly happen?