Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Parking onsite?
Yes, we have two free parking lots available onsite. One is directly on property and the other is directly across the street. We advise larger vehicles and RV’s to utilize the lot across the street.

Can I bring my dog?
Unfortunately the house is not pet friendly, and the only animals allowed are service dogs.

Is the house wheelchair accessible?
The house is not wheelchair accessible. We do offer a video access tour for our wheelchair bound guests.

Is the house climate controlled?
Sarah Winchester’s home was built during a time of electricity becoming popular. While we do have fans in the summertime and heaters in the wintertime, we cannot heat/cool the entire house completely. We advise all guests to dress for the time of year and know that the house will be quite cold in the winter and warm in the summer.

Do you hold private events, birthdays, etc?
We do! Please check here for more information related to booking a large-quantity tour or one of our venue facilities.

What are your hours?
We open daily at 9:00a.m., and close at varying hours throughout the year. Hours are subject to change. For up to date information, visit our Facebook page.

I wanted to buy something in the gift shop, is there anywhere I can buy merchandise online?
Currently we do not have an online store. However, if you contact our gift shop manager, we will be happy to assist with your requests. Please contact for further details.

Are photos allowed on tour?
Not at this time, no. We do allow photos along the exterior of the grounds and property.

I want to have engagement/graduation/any other photos taken of me professionally on the grounds, is there a charge for that?
We do not charge for this, however, we do request that you contact our marketing department in advance to ensure there’s no events going on during a specific date. Please reach out to Natalie Alvanez ( or Jake Williams (

Are there a lot of stairs, and is the house easily accessible or movable for those with disabilities?
Due to Sarah Winchester’s home being built in a period even prior to elevators, the house is not easily accessible. We do have three elevators she installed later in construction of the Winchester Mystery House, but due to safety of our guests, these are inoperable.  We do offer a video access tour on the property, click here for details.

Is the Winchester Mystery House child friendly?
Absolutely! Children six and under are welcome to join their families on the Mansion tour. Due to the exposed areas of the Explore More Tour, children under 10 are not permitted. We do ask that any minor be accompanied with an adult at any time.

Are there overnight stays?
Not currently.

Is food allowed on tours?
Food is not allowed on tours, however bottled beverages with a sealed cap are.

Is there food onsite?
We have a cafe with quick service food available onsite.

Do you have private tours available?
We do have private tours available for groups of 26 or more.