Media Relations

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We welcome news coverage of the legendary Winchester Mystery House™ from mainstream media (TV/Cable news, radio, print, news photography, etc.) along with coverage from influential bloggers (access granted based on audience size and reach).

If you are interested in interviewing a historian, archivist, shooting on property, obtaining photographs for commercial or historical use, or anything using the Winchester Mystery House™ name or image, please contact our marketing/communications team via either or or at 408-2470-2000.

In order for us to better serve your needs, we kindly ask that you submit your media request in writing for review. Because of the high volume of media requests we receive, the Winchester Mystery House™ will only respond if you are a member of the working media or an established influencer/blogger.

Permission cannot (and will not) be granted for any kind of broadcast (TV/Cable/Online) or motion picture documentary or any narrative broadcast (TV/Cable/Online) or motion picture production.