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Paranormal Activity
Whether one believes in spirits or not, there’s no denying the presence of someone (or something) here at Winchester Mystery House. Numerous visitors, tour guides and employees have experienced strange phenomenon, including capturing orbs and images in photographs and video.
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Spider Webs
Mrs. Winchester personally designed many of the spider web windows seen throughout the house, most notably the ones found in the 13th bathroom. The spider web motif also appears in fireplace grates within the mansion.
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Doorway to Nowhere
Located on the second floor near the front of the house and the “Daisy Bedroom,” this door opens directly to a drop two-stories straight down! Why? We’ll never know but we’re sure this door won’t attract solicitors.
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Staircase to Ceiling
These small set of stairs that lead to the ceiling are among many odd sets of stairs that appear in the house. These stairs were showcased on the popular TV series “Ghost Adventures” on The Travel Channel. A small, green, vaporous hand was caught on camera at the base of the stairs, appearing to either thumb a ride or pointing upward.
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The Number “13”
It’s hard to dismiss occurrences of the number 13 throughout the mansion. Many windows have 13 panes, there are 13 bathrooms (with 13 windows in the 13th bathroom), 13 steps on many of the stairways, 13 ceiling panels in many ceilings. Mrs. Winchester’s will was divided into 13 parts and she even signed it 13 times!
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7-11 Staircase
This unusual staircase was built in the shape of a letter “Y,” enabling servants to quickly get to three different levels of the house. One set has seven stairs while the other two feature 11, all with different destinations.
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