Haunted legends and supernatural lore are well-suited to the Winchester Mystery House. Under construction for 38 years by Sarah Winchester to allegedly appease the spirits of those lost to the

a ghostly appearance at the winchester mystery house

Mystery is a well-earned middle name for this San Jose Victorian mansion built by owner Sarah Pardee Winchester to, allegedly, appease spirits— specifically those who had fallen to the famous

Even by today’s more accepting standards, Sarah Pardee Winchester might be considered an enigma. After all, think about a neighbor that moves in and secures the perimeter of her yard

“This is the richest valley in the world …”    

That’s how one U.S. senator described Silicon Valley—only it wasn’t the personal wealth of the region that Chauncey M. Depew was

front of the winchester mystery house cloudy day

One of America’s most famous mansions may draw crowds for the invisible occupants, but the real magnificence is in the visible: those Victorian-era architectural trimmings. After all, the Winchester Mystery

earthquake damage at the winchester mystery house

Let’s pretend for a moment. Imagine it’s April 18. The sun has yet to rise on this Wednesday morning. In fact, it’s so early that, unless you’re a farmer, you’re

The annunciator servant call box

House of the Past and the Future

Winchester Mystery House is like an amusement ride into the past. The 160-room clapboard mansion with turrets and towers may be a relic

Palo Alto, CA

In the late 19th century, if a European wanted to start a new life, they sailed to America. If Americans wanted one, they headed West. In the Golden State, the

“Babie Annie’ Winchester’s Grave Restored With Donations From WMH Fans

The beginning of Sarah Winchester’s tragic story can be traced back to a single moment – when she lost her only daughter, Annie, at just a few weeks old. Heartbroken

It’s All In the Details: Stained Glass

With the excessively large size of Sarah Winchester’s mysterious house, one can only imagine just how many windows there are here. Fortunately for us, we have over 10,000 panes of

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