The Legend of Sarah Winchester

With the start of a new year, new things are around the corner! We’re mere weeks away from the world premiere of the feature film, ‘Winchester’, and we thought it

Did you know that some of our most cherished Christmas customs arose in the Victorian era, when Sarah Winchester was a girl growing up in Connecticut? The shimmering Christmas tree,

Voices from the Past

Over the past years, many visitors to Sarah’ Winchester’s legendary home have shared stories of voices they’ve heard in the house—voices without visible sources. Spirits, in fact. You may have

Showcase Costumes From The Upcoming Film

The final stop for many tours at the Winchester Mystery House is the Venetian Dining Room. Aside from its Italian motif, ornate ceilings, leaded glass windows, and marble fireplace mantle, the space now boasts the


Every Monday in October we’re going to feature a “ghost story” here on our blog. These stories are pulled from accounts contributed by various employees and visitors and documented in

Far East Designs in a Western Hom

Many know the Winchester Mystery House to contain some bizarre features. Doors that lead to nowhere, stairs that rise directly into the ceiling. All of this for seemingly

The Season of Long Shadows and Foreboding at Winchester Mystery House

Today marks the first day of autumn. For many people, it’s the season of vibrant fall colors, the swirl of falling leaves on cool winds and the crooked smiles of

On September 15, Walter Magnuson, General Manager of Winchester Mystery House, received a sneak preview of Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum, set to open on Monday, October 2, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A Sneakthief in the Winchester Mystery House

With it’s mostly perpetual sunshine, glorious beaches, pastoral farmlands and vineyards, cosmopolitan cities and beautiful national parks, most people don’t think of California as an ideal setting for a horror

Historic Garden Paths

One of my favorite places in the house isn’t actually in the house… it’s the surrounding gardens. When I visited the Winchester Mystery House for the first time, I envisioned

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