Historic Garden Paths

One of my favorite places in the house isn’t actually in the house… it’s the surrounding gardens. When I visited the Winchester Mystery House for the first time, I envisioned

Gardens of Winchester

Dating back to when Mrs. Winchester was in residence in the late 1800s and up until her passing in 1922, the gardens of Llanada Villa (now known as Winchester Mystery

A Look Back at Sarah’s Two Conservatories

In the 1940s, the local fire department inspected the Winchester Mystery House and determined that a sprinkler system was necessary to protect the house in the event of fire. If you’ve been

Gifts, Goodies and Gumballs

Have you ever been to the Winchester Mystery House gift shop? The gift shop, now called The Mercantile, enjoyed a recent refurbishment that makes it so much easier to explore

In The Good Old Summertime at Winchester Mystery House

Sarah Winchester was known to be somewhat of a recluse during her days in San Jose. Nonetheless, she was beloved by her staff and was remarkably kind to the neighborhood

Cyrstal Bedroom

The Crystal Bedroom inside the Winchester Mystery House is one of the many areas on our new Explore More Tour that have been off limits to guests for many decades.

Explore More of Sarah’s Lost Tower

Every house has a signature piece. It could be as simple as a beautiful front door or an elaborate staircase or ornate dining room. However, here in Sarah Winchester’s home

Explore More Debuts

Today, in the presence of local Bay Area media and invited guests, we cut the ceremonial ribbon on the grand opening of our all-new Explore More Tour, now open as

Now Open: “The Mercantile” at Winchester Mystery House!

For decades, the Winchester Mystery House gift shop has sold countless gifts and souvenirs to millions of guests from around the world. The decor and interior of the shop has

Llanada Villa aka Winchester Mystery House

Did you know that over 12 million people from throughout the United States and around the world have visited Llanada Villa? Maybe you have visited as well? Doesn’t sound familiar?

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