Sarah’s Attic Shooting Gallery

In the seemingly unending lore and physical labyrinth that is the Winchester Mystery House an entirely new room was recently “discovered” (wink, wink) and is now open for guests to experience.

The Winchester Mystery House preservation team recently opened an attic space that had been boarded up since Mrs. Winchester’s death in 1922. They were delighted to find the contents undisturbed after nearly 100 years!

Dubbed “Sarah’s Attic,” this space full of “Activity” was re-located out of the house and into the Central Courtyard for the enjoyment of sharp-eyed guests to take aim at fun! During the move a rifle accidentally went off and surprisingly activated the spirits that haunt the space and all kinds of crazy phenomenon occurred.

Now guests can take a rifle in hand to activate 38 known targets (one for every year the incredible mansion was under construction) that unleash the supernatural.