The Mercantile at Winchester Mystery House

The Mercantile at Winchester Mystery House offers an eclectic array of souvenirs, gifts and sundries, plus commemorative photographs. It’s here you can also purchase tour tickets and souvenir photographs.

Along the shelves are selections of books and DVDs on such topics as the Old West, the paranormal and Victorian-era living and architecture. Discerning eyes will also find a selection of mementos to commemorate a visit to the “Golden State.”

For pure kitsch and fun, you will find a wide collection of Winchester Mystery House themed logo merchandise ranging from simple key chains and holiday ornaments to elaborately designed T-shirts, hats and scarves.
Popular items include multi-hued parasols, coffee mugs and the souvenir guidebook.

Inside the gift store you will find a collection of vintage arcade games and a lively player piano, plus information on nearby attractions. The gazebo area of the gift store is where you will find the Vintage Products Museum, featuring a display Winchester-made household and sporting goods.

A few select items are available for purchase online.