Hallowe’en Candlelight Tour

Inside one of America’s most legendary haunted mansions, guests are led by flickering candlelight through an original Theatrical Experience dotted with scares, stunts and fun.

Debuting an all new show in Fall 2018 – The 13th Door.  This year guests are taken on journey through 13 Doors whose purpose and secrets the Winchester widow took to her grave.  Brave souls will roam the halls along a new, longer and maddening maze that is sure to rattle even the most skeptical among us.

Due to increased demand the tours have expanded to 26 nights in September and October.   This event sells-out so advanced reservations are suggested.

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Friday the 13th Flashlight Tours

It’s been claimed to be the most haunted house in America.  Do you have the courage to explore it after dark?  Not for the faint of heart, this haunted historic home has been featured on many “ghost hunting” shows over the years.  Visitors will be guided through the darkness with nothing but a flashlight and will be regaled with true stories of paranormal activity that guests, employees and ghost hunters have experienced over the years.  Delve into the dark corners of the mystery and buy your tickets.  Next date: September 13, 2019.